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SumSmart is pleased to announce the alpha release of Sea Level Rise Planning: Technical Principles & Practice.

This course teaches the technical basics for sea level rise planning. It was created by professionals doing sea level rise planning work and was road-tested in cities experiencing the effects of sea level rise. This course addresses:

  • Latest science and sea level rise scenarios from NOAA – how to find and use
  • Flood information products available from FEMA and the FEMA Flood Map Service Center – where to find the data you need
  • Latest tools from NOAA and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers – where to find and how to apply
  • Easy-to-use tools for sea level rise planning – custom-built by a professional engineer, explained in detail and available for download
  • History and physics of sea level rise for smart planning
  • Professional advice to support responsible planning.


This course is designed for
Architects and Engineers – people with a professional and ethical duty to serve their clients with complete and transparent information, including information about flood risk.
Planners – public officials and private executives and managers responsible for business, economic and land-use planning.
Public Officials – local, county, state and federal officials with an interest in protecting people, property, jobs and the potentially affected economy. Public officials also act as owners by proxy for public buildings, infrastructure and spaces.
Managers and Executives – people with responsibility for managing assets, operations and supply chains in the coastal zone.
Real Estate Professionals – people with an interest in full disclosure to owners, buyers and sellers.
Voters and Taxpayers – people with a vested interest in the ongoing safety and vibrancy of their community. These people may be asked to finance adaptations to sea level rise in the future.
Climate Adaptation Professionals – people working to provide sound technical advice to stakeholders about planning for and adapting to sea level rise.
Owners – building, property and business owners with a direct financial stake in assets in the coastal zone.
Lenders – financial institutions with an interest in loans and collateral in the coastal zone.

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2018 Course Roadmap

SLR Planning: Economics

Sea level rise is more than just water. It impacts buildings & property, companies
public services, supply chains and local economies. This course teaches techniques for quantifying the impact of sea level rise induced floods in economic terms.
Prerequisite: Sea Level Rise Planning: Technical Principles and Practice

SLR Planning: Process & People

Planning for sea level rise is a challenge, especially at the city level. FEMA hazard mitigation methods and manuals are a good start, but they are inadequate for the challenge of sea level rise. This course is the result of years of field testing by a group of leading sea level rise planning experts in the U.S.
Prerequisite: Sea Level Rise Planning: Technical Principles and Practice.

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Class SLR planning exercises are tailored for your project, property and your location. Workbooks for learners.

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