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Digital Annapolis

See how digital floods and sea level rise affect a digital rendering of Annapolis.
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Weather It Together

The Weather It Together program is a multi-stakeholder initiative of city, state and federal agencies to plan for the looming threat of sea level rise. Weather It Together brought the elements together seen here.

Envision Heritage

Marty Hylton, Director of the Historic Preservation Program at the University of Florida, led a team that included Sujin Kim and Luiz Ungericht to Annapolis, Maryland to digitally tell the story of coastal flooding and potential sea level rise.

Keeping History Above Water

This endeavor coincided with Keeping HIstory Above Water, a conference in Annapolis that served over 350 attendees committed to planning for sea level rise.

Watch the Video

See the full video of the pilot project prepared by the University of Florida team here.

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