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Supply Chain Strategy – Plan

It is no longer a question of whether climate change will affect your supply chain. More is known about what is going to happen to our climate than the popular media would lead you to believe. Consequences are becoming clear and the rate of change is faster than expected. Money will be made and lost in this new climate-induced dynamic. Many of the decisions to be made are involved in long term capital budget cycles, for example infrastructure, and if you mistakenly lock in assumptions based on the past rather than the expected future, opportunities are lost. Make a smart plan for operating your company and supply chain. Here’s what SumSmart will do:
  • Develop answers to the key questions for your operations
  • Show value propositions and the business case
  • Put key metrics in place
  • Engage your executives and plan for engaging your suppliers, customers and investors
  • Identify and engineer select business processes for a high-performance future.