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Climate Ready Procurement – For Sellers

Receive an environmental survey or data request from an important customer? This can be an invitation to add value to your company’s relationship with your customer. Or it can be just more costs – or worse – exposing a gap in your capabilities. Formulate a smart response. Here’s how SumSmart makes you successful:

  • Explaining how most supply chain scorecards get graded
  • Decoding what is behind the program and request you received
  • Identifying opportunities to increase business value for buyers and sellers in these exchanges
  • Addressing survey and reporting fatigue, the costs of responding and what to do about them
  • Determining when it is OK to push back
  • Setting rational data and reporting minimums
  • Developing “terms of use” for data disclosures
  • Building data and reporting processes integrated with the rest of your company’s business
  • Team development and training to support ongoing reporting.