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Sea Level Rise Planning: Technical Principles and Practice

The sea is rising and will continue to rise for centuries … regardless.Some smart people created a training curriculum to better understand the past, present, and future of sea level rise:

Sea Level Rise Planning: Technical Principles and Practice

Created by experts and road-tested with some smart leaders addressing sea level rise, this curriculum includes:

  • Latest tools from NOAA and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers – where to find and how to apply them
  • Latest science and sea level rise scenarios from NOAA – how to find and use
  • Flood information products available from FEMA and the FEMA Flood Map Service Center – where to find the data you need
  • Easy-to-use tools for sea level planning – custom-built by a professional engineer, explained in detail and available for download
  • Just enough history and physics of sea level rise to support smart planning.

Real-world, practical examples are used to illustrate the concepts. Learners gather real-life data and apply the actual tools in exercises. After completing the training, learners will be equipped to apply the tools and techniques at any sea coast in the U.S.

Sea Level Rise Planning: Technical Principles and Practice is available –

Cloud-based, e-learning:

  • Use any computer, tablet or smartphone – all you need is a modern browser* and an internet connection
  • On-demand, anytime that works for you.

Blended – Online with Instructor-support: inquire at [email protected]

On-site: inquire at [email protected]

  • Class SLR planning exercises tailored for your project, property, your location
  • Delivered at your location
  • Workbooks for learners (up to 10)